Advantages of Using Paper Straws

There are varying types of straws like glass, metal, bamboo, paper, and plastic straws. The popularity of paper straws is overriding other types of straws even though they existed before the paper straws were invented.  Advantages of using paper straws are discussed below.

 Paper straws are eco-friendly because they decompose.  Natural fiber which is recycled paper is used to manufacture paper straws.  They may not be recycled, but they are renewable resources. Once they decompose they make hummus that promotes healthy growth of trees that will be used to make more paper.  Everyone should take up the responsibility of minimizing pollution which is a crisis in the world by not using things that do not decompose. The future generation is counting on the current generation to create a better place for them to live in the future.

 Paper straws will not harm your health. The materials that are used to make the paper straws are approved by the FDA. Glue and ink that is used is tested in the lab by qualified specialists of the FDA using advanced equipment that provides results of high accuracy. No harmful dyes or coloring agents are used to make the straws that can make the straws not safe for use when taking cold or warm beverages. Dangerous coloring agents and dyes that are used on other straws dissolve in the drinks and harm your health.

 Sometimes glass straws break without the knowledge of the person using it hence increasing the risks of one seeping the tiny glasses that hide in the drink. Metallic straws rust hence you can also be taking drinks that mix with the rust. Plastic straws are made of harmful chemicals that dissolve in warm drinks and gradually accumulate inside your body the more you sue the straws over the years. Check  for other details.

 They are the most affordable straws because they cost the lowest.  They cannot be used more than once or recycled because they do not last long.  These straws improve the hygiene at the party or in a hotel because it is unhygienic to make people reuse straws yet you can afford the cheapest paper straws that are disposable. Check to learn more.

They are made of various designs to suit your needs.  Bottles, cans, mugs and more containers that you use have varying heights hence the paper straws are cut in various lengths to fit in those containers. Their shapes and colors vary to make them attractive.  Some drinks flow slowly while others flow quickly hence you need straws of the appropriate size to seep the drinks comfortably without straining your cheeks and lips. Visit for other references.

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